God’s Valley Meadow

Summary:   God’s Valley Creek is an Oregon Anchor Habitat site which enters the North Fork of the Nehalem River at River Mile 13 in the Nehalem River basin.  God’s Valley Meadow Creek (hereafter known as Tributary C) is a low gradient stream which bisects the meadows and flows into the God’s Valley Creek mainstem.

Tributary C had several problems that warranted restoration activites.  A culvert crossing under God’s Valley Rd. was undersized and a winter velocity barrier.  Two culvert crossings used by ODFW to move mowing equipment were undersized and prone to plugging.  Past agricultural practices in God’s Valley resulted in the channelization of Reach 2 of Trib. C.

The riparian vegetation of Trib. C was blackberry dominated. The stream lacked large wood and in-stream habitat complexity.  The Lower Nehalem Watershed Council was awarded an OWEB technical assistance grant to contract with an engineering firm to survey the area and develop preliminary design to restore the channel and adjacent meadow.

Status: Funded/ In progress

Partners:  Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board