Punchbowl Creek Large Wood Enhancement

Summary: Punchbowl Creek, tributary to the North Fork Nehalem River, is home to ESA listed coho salmon and also supports winter steelhead, coastal cutthroat trout, cottid species and lamprey. The project leverages a planned industrial timber harvest on Weyerhaeuser land to place large wood … Continue reading

Grassy Lake Creek Habitat Enhancement

Summary: Grassy Lake Creek encompasses 5.53 square miles with 39 stream miles, located in the North Fork Nehalem watershed. To enhance habitat conditions for an isolated population of resident cutthroat trout, 19 in stream wood structures are being installed along over a … Continue reading

Art in the Watershed 2018

In 2018, Lower Nehalem Watershed Council (LNWC) worked with local art teachers to create the first annual Art in the Watershed workshop in local classrooms. LNWC visited Nehalem Elementary School to talk about what a watershed is and encourage students … Continue reading

7 Shellfish

Invertebrates are important food sources for the scores of shorebirds that use Nehalem Bay. The following invertebrates can be found in estuary mudflats (Emmett et al. 1991): Bay Shrimp (Crangon franciscorum) Blue mussel (Mytilis edulis) Pacific littleneck clam (Protothaca staminea) … Continue reading


During the last 17 years the Lower Nehalem Watershed Council and its partners have conducted a series of studies that have produced considerable information on conditions in the Nehalem watershed.  These studies include: Culvert Assessment and Fish Passage Passage Prioritization Report for the … Continue reading

2 Wetlands

A wetland is a land area that is saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, such that it takes on the characteristics of a distinct ecosystem.[2] The primary factor that distinguishes wetlands from other land forms or water bodies is … Continue reading

About the Estuary

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