God’s Valley IV

Summary:  God’s Valley and associated tributaries are designated as a salmon anchor habitat area by ODFW, and listed as having high intrinsic potential under the Coastal Coho Conservation Plan. Phase IV is located on Trib A of God’s Valley Creek.

Trib A lacked in-stream large woody debris resulting in little diversity of habitat types and cover. The low diversity of habitat types and lack of cover and refuge from winter high flows limits the production of juvenile salmon.

The lack of in-stream large wood is a result of a riparian zone dominated by alder. Riparian areas dominated by alder are a result of historical land use practices.  Short-lived alder rapidly deteriorate after falling. Conifers, primarily Douglas Fir and occasional Sitka Spruce, represented less than 5% of the trees in the reference area and project reach.

Through this project, we addressed the above-mentioned issues by placing 21 large wood structures in the stream and on the floodplain over a 0.6 mile length of Trib. A.  The 21 structures included a total of 159 key logs and 60 secondary pieces, which we placed using an excavator and D7 cat.  Additionally, we planted 800 Western hemlock, 2000 Sitka spruce, and 1500 Western hemlock along 1.1 miles of stream, including the large wood project area, and equipment corridors utilized for access.


Status: Completed April 2009

Partners:  Longview Timber, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Native Plant Coop.