Vosburg Creek

Summary:  Vosburg Creek is part of the Nehalem River watershed and is located within the city limits of Wheeler, Oregon.  Approximately 1.5 miles in length and draining directly into Nehalem Bay, Vosberg Creek is one of a few tributaries in close proximity to the mouth of Nehalem Bay. The Nehalem River watershed generally lacks adequate spawning, rearing, and winter refuge habitats for salmonids, particularly for the recently federally protected Coho salmon.

This project addressed these limiting factors through three related components. The first component consisted of removing a relict weir structure (120′ from confluence) that served as a partial barrier for adult and juvenile fish migrations. Removal of the weir provides access for salmonids to utilize approximately 3280′ of salmonid spawning and rearing habitat.

The second component consisted of an upstream earthen dam removal (3400′ from confluence). Removing the dam aided in restoring natural stream function and preventing a potential catastrophic splash-dam type of event that could have affected both fish and the safety of the citizens of Wheeler. The third component consisted of large wood placement in the lower reach of the creek to enhance in-stream salmonid habitat and to retain sediments released through the removal of the dam. Riparian planting was included to remediate access corridors during the large wood placement and weir removal portions of the project.


Status:  Completed March, 2010

Partners:  Lower Nehalem Community Trust, City of Wheeler, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Native Plant Coop.