Punchbowl Creek Large Wood Enhancement

Summary: Punchbowl Creek, tributary to the North Fork Nehalem River, is home to ESA listed coho salmon and also supports winter steelhead, coastal cutthroat trout, cottid species and lamprey. The project leverages a planned industrial timber harvest on Weyerhaeuser land to place large wood in the stream. The road is too far from the channel and the terrain too steep to allow access for ground based equipment. The large wood will be placed using a grapple and cable logging operation to build the structures. The project proposes to place 15 complex large wood structures along a one-mile channel reach. 

Without wood, there is a lack of resistance to flow which has prevented the capture, storage and sorting of gravels. This lack of wood has led to reduced boundary roughness, altered sediment regime, insufficient pool frequency, lack of nutrient sources, lack of food web support, lack of aquatic habitat complexity and infrequent floodplain connectivity. This project will correct these issues.

Status: Delayed. This project has been delayed from Summer of 2019 to the Summer of 2020 due at the request of the landowner, Weyerhaeuser, because the harvest operation it will piggy back on has been delayed. 

Partners: Weyerhaeuser Columbia Timberlands, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Forestry

Funders: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Forestry, Weyerhaeuser Columbia Timberlands