Baxter-Bandy-Grange Riparian Revegetations

Summary: In this project three landowners agreed to have the riparian areas of their properties planted. On the Baxter and Bandy properties a 30 ft wide by 500 ft long buffer along the North Fork Nehalem River had invasive plants removed and was planted with a mixture of native conifers, hardwoods, and shrubs. At the White Clover Grange a 30 ft wide and 300 ft long buffer was created along an unnamed tributary to Kebbe Creek by removing invasive plants and planting with a mixture of native conifers, hardwoods, and shrubs. These plantings will help improve water quality and reduce the impacts of invasive species in the watershed.

Status: Monitoring phase. These projects were implemented in the Spring of 2019. Project maintenance and monitoring of this site will continue for 3 more years.

Partners: White Clover Grange, Tim Bandy, Ken Baxter, The Backyard Planting Program, Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, Northwest Oregon Restoration Partnership

Funders: Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Northwest Oregon Restoration Partnership, Tillamook Estuaries Partnership